Blue Trails

images-1A Blue Trail (also known as water trail) is a dedicated stretch of river that enjoys special clean water safeguards and is a destination for fishing, boating and other recreation. Just as hiking trails are designed to help people explore the land, blue trails help people discover rivers. Blue trails provide a fun, exciting way to get kids outdoors, connect communities to treasured landscapes, and are economic drivers benefiting local businesses and quality of life. Blue Trails become a community resource.

Trail opportunities abound in the 4 Rivers region.

  • Ware: Hardwick to Gilbertville to Ware to Palmer Design begins in 2020 –  towards a 2021 launch!
  • Quaboag: East Brookfield to Warren
  • Chicopee: Red Bridge to Ludlow/Wilbraham/IO, 2020 opening
  • Swift: Bondsville to Three Rivers-future

Quaboag Trail Note

67-9 access note


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