Warren Waste Water Treatment Plant Public Safety Advisory for Quaboag River 5/27/21

Public Advisory Notification

The following notification is posted as required by the

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. 

The Town of Warren’s Wastewater Treatment Plant discharges treated wastewater effluent to the Quaboag River at 2527 Main Street in West Warren, MA.  The Town of Warren’s seasonal chlorine disinfection system is not currently operating, so undertreated / undisinfected wastewater is being discharged to the Quaboag River.  This may result in higher e. coli (bacteria) levels in the Quaboag River from the Warren Wastewater Treatment Plant outfall to the river’s confluence at the Ware and Chicopee Rivers in the village of Three Rivers, Massachusetts.

The public is notified to take precautionary measures to minimize risk of contact with Warren’s Wastewater Treatment Plant effluent.  Do not drink or ingest the water, and thoroughly wash hands following any contact.

The Town of Warren is actively working to correct this situation.  Please contact the Warren Board of Sewer Commissioners at 413-436-5796 if any additional information is required.