Membership – Join/Support C4R

images-3Membership & donations help C4R with resources for basic operation. There are costs to prepare events, create & maintain Blue Trails, collect samples, write reports, and perform community outreach. Your financial support helps keep us going and helps you enjoy our local rivers in better ways, while protecting them.

Our web pages and the home page posts show what we have been doing or plan to do. We can keep all this up, perhaps do more, with regular support. Yes, we seek grants and reach out to business sponsors, but C4R needs everyday folks to join the effort to show these larger donors that we have the community behind C4R efforts.


C4R has established a non-profit relationship with the Connecticut River Conservancy, CRC. They will hold and manage funds for tax exempt purposes for all donors who want this coverage. C4R operates as a community service organization.

Membership levels:IMG_0429

  • $25 Basic
  • $50 Steward
  • $75 Sustaining
  • $100 or more Patron
  • Businesses levels available.

Membership donation link.  DONATE 

DONATE on line or feel free to send your donation to C4RWC, PO Box 126, Three Rivers, MA 01080
Checks payable to CRC, note: for C4R

THANK YOU, together we can make a difference!